You can overcome your past. There is hope of a future.


My family and I have been motivating students and adults for more than a decade and we would love to partner with you and your school’s goal or churches goal of building better students and adults. I believe in the power of change; it worked for my life. Sometimes we just need to hear a message of hope.

When I walk into a school building, a conference, or a church building, I carry the same message: “You can overcome your past. There is hope of a future.”

I have spoken in numerous of schools, conferences, and churches and would be honored to come speak at your next event.



Today I witnessed a young man reach our students at Shelby Middle School. He drew the minds of these students in to what he had to say. I have never seen a group of middle school students so it touch and so drawn in by a speaker. All eyes and ears had his attention including staff who just dropped in but couldn’t leave once they listened to his story. It was so awesome it was like you where there with him thru his life journey. Curtis Rice you have found your true passion. A true motivational speaker and you move people with your words.  Alvin Hopper, CIS Lead at SMS


  Students RAVED about the opportunity to hear Curtis. Eighth Grade Teacher


Curtis Rice blessed our Communities In Schools students today at Burns High School! Thank you Curtis for motivating our students and for being a blessing. Sharon Robbs, Executive Director

Captivating. Engaging. Insightful. Humorous. Transparent.  Those are the 5 words to describe Curtis Rice, and his speech to my high school teen group.

I absolutely loved how he incorporated humor and dance with the teens to break the ice, and then how he quickly captivated them with the details of his struggles and his amazing story of  survival! Some of my teens were  even brought to tears!
Curtis’ story needs to be heard by every teen in every middle and high school! Curtis is the epitome of brute strength! When faced with an obstacle; big or small, he not only overcame it, but he inspires others to do the same.
Curtis’ speech is so life-changing; it makes you want to get up, and just do it- whatever your it is!”

Jackie Woody
Graduation Coach, Communities In Schools of Cleveland County



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