You can overcome your past. There is hope of a future.



Curtis Rice was born in Shelby, NC.  He was raised in Mooresboro, NC.  After the death of his mother, at the age of 10, Curtis felt as if there was no hope left for him.  Shortly after that, he moved in with his grandparents, but the feelings of hopelessness and bitterness towards the Lord were still heavy on his heart.  Curtis was looking for something to fill the void in his life, so he turned to the streets looking for love and anything else, he thought would and could fill that void.  And if life had not already been hard enough for this young man, his father was murdered when he was seventeen; his grandmother passed away the same year, and his house burned down in flames the same year. Yet another hit, another event in his life that only added to the feelings of hopelessness.  Finally, when Curtis was in the 12th grade, he dropped out of high school and pretty much gave up on life.

Through the love of God and his church family, things started falling into place for this young man.  He found hope, unconditional love and the support he desperately needed to make the necessary changes in his life. He went to Isothermal Community College and received his High School diploma. Then he attended Oral Roberts University and received his BA in Church Ministries and  a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a Cognate in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. He is now pursuing a Doctoral Degree from Grand Canyon University.

Curtis is now married to a wonderful woman, and has three beautiful children. He is the author of two books: Into the Darkness You Shine and Rebuild. He is the Lead Pastor of Capstone Church in Greensboro, NC.

Curtis found what he was looking for, what couldn’t be found on the streets, and that was love of Christ.  It changed his life and gave him a hope and a future.  It has given him confidence and assurance, that he is not alone and that there is nothing he can’t do, with the power of God in his life. Today, Curtis wants to let the world know that you can overcome your past. There is hope of a future.  He wants people to realize that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have been through in your life, you have the power to succeed in life.